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A course on Robotics with hands-on training was started by July 2013 in the name “Robotics Centre”. The robotics program was started with ten faculties from various departments like, EEE, ECE, MECH, CSE and IT who were trained on robotics by CARMEL INFOTECH SOLUTION, Chennai. The first batch was successfully started.

The Level One training was started with 45 students from all the departments. The level one course started with initial training how to construct / build a robot and understand the working of the various drives and controls involved.

With successful completion of the level one training, the students were trained for the Level Two training. In the level two training program, the students were trained in the programing language “Robo C”. With the two levels of training, the students were effective in programing and building a new robot for participating in various National Level competitions.

“South Indian Robo Championship League” was conducted in the month of August 2013 by South Indian RCL. Students from the college team in different batches participated successfully and won FIRST prize and THIRD prize in in “SOIL MINING ROBO”. Students have also participated in various robotics symposium conducted by various engineering colleges.

The second batch was started in July 2014 with 50 students from second, third and final year. The successful start of the ROBOTIC CENTRE, is now leading the students of various disciplines effectively with participation in various competitions.

Understand, design and develop 7 robots yourself under the guidance of our faculty.

  • Basic
    • Line Follower Robot
    • Robo Soccer
    • Line Tracer Robot
    • Robo Remains
  • Medium
    • Robo Genere
    • Robofeast
  • Advanced
    • Electromagnetic Robo
    • Soil Mining Robo

Understand, design and develop 7 robots yourself under the guidance of our faculty.

  • Learn to Design and Build 7 different kinds of robots involving concepts from Sensor Based Autonomous Robotics, Soil Mining Robotics, Robo Soccer and Gesture Based Robotics.
  • Well-structured program that spans from basics to advanced robotics.
  • Develop live working Robotics Projects.
  • Complete Kit and software resources provided to participants.
  • Encourages participants to think and come up with new designs.

The Robotics Centre awarded the course completion certificate after the final examination of various projects submitted by the students.

Best Project Award

Best Fabrication Award

Fastest Fabrication Award

Innovation Award

Understanding the application of various sensors and integration with Microcontrollers.
Exposure to Mobile Communication.
Understanding of Accelerometer sensors.
Introduction to Swarm Intelligence and its implementation in Robotics.
Understanding the structure and programming of Microcontrollers.
Live testing and competition of robots.

Labs' Robotics Development Board Microcontroller All ICs and IC Holders
DC Motors Wheels IR Sensors
DTMF decoder module Audio jack Accelerometer Sensors
RF Tx-Rx Module Programming Cable 12 V Battery
Chassis Digital Multi Meter Working Tools
15.02.17 to 18.02.17Ramanathan A RECEAnna University GuindyCrusaders(Manual Robot)Participated
08.03.17Sonali B,Elamathi Kamali T,Swetha MCSEAgni college of EngineeringLine FollowerParticipated
03.03.16 to 05.03.16Vishal J,Abimanyou,Vignesh,
Natarajan R,David Lanington Koliraj L,
Karthik Shaaran S,Vignesh S,Swathy K,
Esther Florence P,Charathraaj L,Barkavi R,Anand S,Vinoth Kumar K,
Gogulnath M,Jangan Paran Kumar
MIT Academy of EngineeringABU ROBOCON 2016Participated
05.03.15 to 07.03.15G.Vaidhyanathan,B.Kishore,V.Kiruthika,
D.Steephan Pradeep Raj,M.Maria Franklin Jerome,J.Charrath Raaj J,
D.C.Gokula Priya,Usha Nandhini M,J.Vishal,
Saranya M,Raja Kiruthika R,Vishal John S,
Deepak B,Narayana Moorthy V,AkilanDeshwaran M,
Jaral Mohamed H, Rohan M,Divya P,
Fazlees, Anathi Reetha R,Gayathri B,
Betsy,Sweetlin M, Swetha H,
Gajalakshmi S, Vignesh S,G.Fenelin,
Ramya K,Lesly Jacob Mathew
MIT Academy of EngineeringROBOCON 2015Participated
06.03.14 to 08.03.14G.Vaidhyanathan,B.Kishore,V.Kiruthika,
D.Steephan Pradeep Raj
MECH,CSEMIT Academy of Engineering, Pune, Doordarshan, IndiaROBOCON 2014Participated
10.8.13V.Ashly Stephen,John Joel Kirubakaran,
M.Vignesh,S.Arul kumaran, Sam Prince Daniel
MECHSouth Indian Robo Champian League(ICF)SOIL MINING ROBO1st place
Dominic Roystan
MECHSouth Indian Robo Champian League(ICF)SOIL MINING ROBO3rd place
10.8.13Gopalakrishnan, Ashly StephenMECHSouth Indian Robo Champian League(ICF)Robo SoccerParticipation Certificate
10.8.13Nithya.M, Nidhie.R, Ranganayaki.N, Nithya JeevanandEEE,IT,ECESouth Indian Robo Champian League(ICF)Electromagnetic ROBOParticipation Certificate
10.8.13Poornima.V, yamini.S, Krithika.VCSE,ITSouth Indian Robo Champian League(ICF)Line TracerParticipation Certificate
17.8.13VaidhyanathanMECHSairam Institute of TechnologyLine FollowerParticipation Certificate
21.8.13P.Sudhakr, Ganesh Ram, Vignesh.M, Shakul AhameedECESaveetha Engineering CollegeLine TracerParticipation Certificate
31.8.13Sam Prince Daniel, GopalaKrishnan,Ashely StephenMechanicalPrathyusha Institute of TechnologyRobo RemainsParticipation Certificate
4.9.13Sam Prince Daniel, GopalaKrishnan,Ashely Stephen, Chellappan, Jagadeesan.K, Arul kumaran.SMECHSaiRam Engineering collegeRobo RemainsParticipation Certificate
Nidhie, Nithya jeevanand, Ranganayaki, Nithya.M
Sri Krishna Engineering College, CoimbatoreLine TracerParticipation Certificate
Vaidhyanathan, Arul kumaranMECHSri Krishna Engineering College, CoimbatoreLine TracerParticipation Certificate
03.09.2017Ramanathan A RECEValliammai College Of EngineeringJust A Minute- Taras 171st Place
03.09.2017Ramanathan A RECEValliammai College Of EngineeringLine Follower- Taras 173rd Place
03.12.2017Ramanathan A RECEIIT MadrasCyber Peace HackathonParticipation Certificate
01.02.2018Ramanathan A RECEIIT MadrasIBM Build your BOT Workshop-Shaastra 2018Participation Certificate
01.02.2018Ramanathan A RECEIIT MadrasIBM Bot Building Event-Shaastra 2018Semi Finalist- Participated
01.02.2018Ramanathan A RECESri Muthukumaran Institute of TechnologyLine Follower- Paradox 181st Place
04.02.2018Ramanathan A RECEAnna University (CEG)Robozest- Kurukshetra 183rd Place
04.02.2018Ramanathan A RECEDept of Automobile Engineering- Madras Institute of TechnologyLine Follower- Expro 183rd Place
04.02.2018Ramanathan A RECELine Follower- Electrofocus 18Dept of EEE- Madras Institute of Technology1st Place
04.02.2018Ramanathan A RECERajalakshmi Institute of TechnologyLine Follower- Infirnix 181st Place
04.02.2018Ramanathan A RECERajalakshmi Institute of TechnologyLine Follower-Infirnix 182nd Place
05.08.2018Ramanathan A RECESastra University TanjavorLine Follower - Citilations3rd Place
06.01.2019Ramanathan A RECEIIT MadrasAI Conclave- Shaastra 19Participation Certificate
07.09.2019Ramanathan A RECEGCD ChennaiGoogle Cloud Developer ConferenceParticipation Certificate
08.01.2020Ramanathan A RECEIIT MadrasMicro Mouse Maze - Shaastra 2020 2nd Place