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Counselling Cell

Mentoring system in Jeppiaar Institute of Technology functions with the goal of holistic development of the students. This caters to the improvement in academic performance and balance of emotions. Every student is closely monitored and counselled whenever required. The students are confident to be taken care of by the counsellors/ mentors in the college. In order to accomplish an effective mentoring system, each mentor is provided with an approximate of 20-25 students. The student to mentor ratio is 21.25


The objectives of the mentoring practice followed in the institute are

  • To initiate the team-work among the fellow students
  • To ensure the holistic development of the student
  • To ensure peace of mind and good mental health
  • To assist the student in proper decision making
  • To bring out the hidden talents in the students


The role of the mentor is to instruct/ Counsel the students regarding

  • Discipline
  • Moral Values
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Modest dress code
  • Respect towards teachers, elders and fellow students
  • The importance of 2017 regulation
  • Maximum pass percentage
  • Completion of Lab work and record
  • Importance of Internal examination and Internal mark calculation
  • Achievement of University rank
  • Scholarship available in the institution for toppers
  • Internship programme
  • Value added Courses
  • Registration and completion of NPTEL & MOOC courses
  • Professional society activities
  • Placement and related activities
  • Active participation in Co-curricular and extra- curricular activities
  • Conference, Workshop, Publications
  • Research work and work towards Patent
  • Personal Issues/ Distractions

Jeppiaar Counselling Cell


  • To facilitate regular interaction between the mentor and students, a counselling hour is allotted per week in the timetable
  • The mentors meet and counsel the students as and when required especially during the counselling hour
  • Students in need of counselling are identified based on their behavior and performance in academics and extra curricular activities
  • Counselling rooms are available to carry on a one on one counselling session with the students
  • A report is submitted by the mentors on the counselling provided to the students bimonthly. The outcome of the counselling is also recorded
  • Students are counselled by the mentors/ Class-counsellors till they are pacified
  • They are counselled by the HOD/ Principal, if required
  • In case of students requiring special care by a specialized psychologist, the same is achieved by the external counselling sessions
  • A certified Psychologist is delegated to conduct the sessions in a professional manner.
  • The overall welfare of the student is looked over by the class counsellors/ co- ordinators and the details are updated in the counsellor book frequently
  • This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the students
  • During the last semester of study students are counselled for higher studies with proper career guidance. A good number of students have secured admissions for their higher studies. They guide their juniors for the prospective admissions also

These sessions enrich the academic performance and minimize the uninvited distractions as well as personal issues

Jeppiaar Counselling Cell


  • Good relation between Teacher and student
  • Enrichment in academics
  • Enhancement in the talents
  • Emotional balance
  • Realization of responsibilities
  • Holistic development