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1. Has the Faculty covered entire Syllabus     as prescribed by University and
    additional topics beyond the syllabus to     enrich the subject knowledge

2. Rate the Effectiveness of Faculty in :

(a) Technical Content/ Course content

(b) Communication skills

3. Rate the Effectiveness of the Faculty based on the usage of teaching aids like

(a) Google Class Room

(b) Kahoot

(c) Blended Learning

(d) Brainstorming

(e) Gamification

4. Has the Faculty provides counselling     assistance and mentoring for the     students upliftment

5. Rate the Faculty for engaging the class through

(a) Practical Demonstration

(b) Video Lectures

(c) Real time Applications

6. Subject Knowledge & Content
    Delivery :

7. Feedback provided on Student’s     Progress based on their assessment     performance:

8. Rate the Faculty on providing the guidance for Online Course


(b) MOOC- Coursera, , EDX, Khan Academy, Udacity

9. Has the Faculty provides technical     assistance for Symposium/ Workshop/     Seminar/ Internship/ Project/     Conference etc.,

10. Overall Teaching Effectiveness:

11. Feedback *